At the inception of the bindery trade, craftsman would tan hides in preparation for leather-binding books. In addition to creating the cover, hand written pages were cut from scrolls, hand folded, and hand stitched into the spine. The leather cover would often be embossed, or foil stamped in real gold leaf and the craftsman would make one book at a time. As you can imagine, this type of book binding was labor intensive and book binding and printing was only for the clergy, aristocracy, or royalty.
At Wheeler-Sonoma our bindery department handles any number of finishing techniques that compliment the printing processes that we offer. Our equipment can score, perforate, fold, stitch, and collate all sizes of announcements, raffle tickets, certificates, brochures, handbooks, maintenance logs, and daily record books.
A typical mailer will need to fold and score before it is sent to the mail house which will print unique addresses on each piece, pre-sort, and post for delivery. We offer saddle stitching, collating, taping, and any unique hand bindery that needs special attention.


Business cards can be mounted for double thickness which also hides the bruise that engraving or embossing creates on the opposite side of an engraved or embossed image. Engraving, Foil Stamping, Embossing, and Letterpress on two separate sheets of paper and then mounting those sheets together creates a level of quality and thickness of paper that cannot be matched. Our edge coloring and gilding processes mean that the edge of a business card or invitation can be painted with ink or foil to give it another level of quality and distinction.
Whether you are mailing a direct piece for a marketing campaign or adding special touches to printed letterheads, business cards, announcements, or invitations our Bindery Department can help promote your brand.

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